UK prepares to allow self-drive cars on motorways

Self-driving cars could be allowed on UK motorways by the end of this year, Sky News reports.

The Department for Transport says it will allow hands-free driving in vehicles with lane-keeping technology on motorways with slow traffic, at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour.

The technology monitors speed and keeps the car at a safe distance from other cars, normally through the use of cameras and sensors.

If a collision risk is detected the vehicle can brake or change direction.

This means the driver does not have to control the vehicle but must be available to do this if needed.

The DfT said human error contributes to over 85% of accidents, so the technology could make roads safer.

Transport minister Rachel Maclean said: “This is a major step for the safe use of self-driving vehicles in the UK, making future journeys greener, easier and more reliable while also helping the nation to build back better.-Photo: Sky News

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