Uncertainty and hard choices keep top executives up at night: survey

A survey showed 80 percent of Hong Kong top executives or high net-worth individuals have experienced mental health symptoms over the past year, with the most common issues being anxiety and disturbed sleeps, according to health insurer Bupa Global.

The research was conducted between May to June this year and surveyed a total of 600 Hong Kong and mainland China senior executives with liquid assets over HK$10.8 million.

Around 60 percent of respondents said the two top worries keeping them up at night were business uncertainty and tough decisions at work, according to the survey.

More than half of the top executives polled describe themselves as health-conscious, even though only a quarter said they maintained a work-life balance. In Hong Kong, 55 percent of top executives said they led a fast-paced life, and 51.5 percent of them said they always worked overtime.

Top executives polled currently dedicate an average 8.3 percent of their budget on healthcare and medical protection. Next year, Hong Kong executives intend to spend 12.4 percent more on self-funded private medical insurance with “stronger focus preventative healthcare” being a top consideration, while mainland executives are likely to increase budgets by 20.4 percent.

The survey also showed over 60 percent of respondents expect their health insurer to provide personalised wellbeing support.

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