Macau PLA in live firing test

The People’s Liberation Army deployed in Macau has finished a live shooting exercise on combating terrorism in Guangdong.

Drones were used to monitor the effectiveness of shooting so that the form of combat can be adjusted in real-time.

The Southern Theater Command of the PLA published an article on its WeChat page yesterday stating that the PLA Macau garrison recently conducted a live firing exercise in a mountain area in northern Guangdong.

Troops included armor, infantry and special forces to practice combating terrorist attacks. The exercise is to test their firearms and troops’ collaboration.

Tanks, heavy machine guns and drones were seen at the firearms drill.

“This firearms drill is to test the effectiveness of our training,” a PLA Macau garrison officer, Li, told state broadcaster China Central Television, in a video attached to the article.

“We will focus on discovering if there’s any problem and solving it so we can build a solid foundation for the next combat operation.”

The article stated that the drone helps the army to monitor the firearms attack and assess its impact, so the army could its combat formation in real-time and allocate the targets among various troops.

“When soldiers in the tanks spot the target, they can select the type of bullets and methods to deal with the target. This allows them to discover and destroy immediately,” said a commander of the armored division.

The article added snipers can strike the enemies at a long distance to cover armored troops, assisting them to break through the enemy’s defense.

The drill was conducted after the Hong Kong garrison conducted a drill in March that practiced rescuing hostages from terrorists.

State media said the Hong Kong garrison’s drill involved five naval ships, five helicopters and land combat forces, aiming to enhance the military’s ability to win battles through coordination among all forces.

Ground force vehicles and low-flying air force helicopters patrolled the main roads.

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