Myanmar battle in China border town

A gun battle erupted yesterday between Myanmar security forces and an alliance of groups opposed to February’s coup at a town on the border with China.

The fighting at Muse, a main crossing point to and from China, was the latest to hit Myanmar since the coup led to an upsurge of conflict with insurgent groups in border regions as well as bombings, shootings and arson across the country.

Gunfire broke out in Muse around dawn, and one group in the alliance, the Kachin Independence Army, attacked a military post in the northwest.

The junta is fighting a growing number of conflicts since it seized power on February 1 and toppled elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Ethnic groups that have waged war for decades to demand greater autonomy have been joined by new groups opposed to the coup.

Meanwhile, protests are carried out daily against military rule, while strikes have paralyzed hospitals, schools and much private business.

At least 815 people have been killed by security forces since the coup, according to an activist group.

Suu Kyi, 75, is set to go on trial today on some of many charges against her, which range from illegal possession of walkie-talkie radios to breaching a state secrets law.

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