Helping you find the perfect bottle

Founded and led by two wine connoisseurs, the trendsetting online wine store Two More Glasses endeavours to offer a variety of bottles to suit all tastes and occasions.

The story of Two More Glasses started when the founders, Timothy Chow and Anthony Yau, met online for the wine trade.

“Our partnership began as a bit of a serendipity,” Tim recalls. “I was searching for a wine item on an online platform, and Anthony was the one holding the product. We then met up for the trade.”

As the discussion progressed, the two soon found they share the same degree of enthusiasm for wine and spirits. “We both wanted to set up our own wine store and decided we would pool our resources and give it a go,” he explains. “And the rest, as they say, is history.”

Since its establishment in 2017, Two More Glasses has evolved rapidly to become an active wine and spirits importer and distributor in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Boasting over 3,000 wine and spirits labels sourced from all over the world, the brand delivers a wide range of bottles from big names to the rare collection, such as the old Macallan whisky dating back to 1947, with an attractive price.

Asked about the factors that contribute to the company’s success, Tim points to the usual combination of attractive prices, a wide selection of products and fast delivery service. But he is quick to add that perhaps there is an extra subtle element of a personal touch in the way they conduct their business that finds favour with customers.

Tim believes the brand stands out from other stores due to its customer-oriented approach. “All too often, wine shops give people an impression of snobbishness with staff that are hard to approach,” Tim explains. “At Two More Glasses, we assume a humble stance. Instead of posing as experts, we treat our customers as fellow wine enthusiasts; we try to understand their specific needs and preferences with the ultimate aim of helping them find the perfect bottle.”

Anthony points out that innovation and creativity are also important elements in the competitive wine and spirits market. He reveals that some of their best sellers include Champagnes that come in the form of package or combo, or Whisky tasting sets mixed with different characters and years, and back vintages. “We do our homework and try to come up with a diverse combination of products, giving customers a satisfying drinking experience at an affordable price,” he says.

To ensure product quality, Two More Glasses takes quality control seriously with a rigorous and thorough inspection performed by their dedicated staff, alongside an in-house sommelier. All wines are carefully stored in a temperature-controlled and secure warehouse, which allows a fast delivery straight to the customers’ door.

Commenting on Hong Kong’s wine market, Anthony says, “It’s a huge and open market but, at the same time, it is also very much of a niche market.” Since government abolished the wine duty in 2008, the local wine trade and industry have seen a rapid growth, he notes.

“People enjoy more options and can easily access the product information online. Yet, more choices often lead to confusion,” he observes. “Especially for wine beginners, they may find it difficult to get the right information and secure the bottle of wine they desire.”

Tim points out that the tax-free policy has helped expand the local wine market. “It’s encouraging to see more young people take up wine appreciation,” he adds. “Before 2008, wines were very expensive, and hence restricted market growth. But there is now an expanded price range, which makes wine more accessible to everyone.”

Witnessing an increasing number of wine consumers, both of them notice two different consumer behaviour trends. Some only purchase specific brands, while others are eager to go for new things.

In this connection, Two More Glasses has launched a pre-order site earlier this year to take the customers’ experience to the next level. “We have heard from some customers that they saw some nice bottles overseas but failed to find them in Hong Kong, Hence, we created this site to assemble some rare or limited edition wines across the globe for our customers,” Anthony explains.

Constantly updated with new products, the store exclusively unveils some sought-after new brands like Tenuta Ulisse (Abruzzo, Italy), Marques de Vargas (Rioja, Spain), and Charles mignon champagne (France), which are all stocked in Hong Kong.

Two More Glasses also presents a monthly special offer. Stay tuned to their website and social media platforms for upcoming new products and promotions!

Two More Glasses

Address: Unit 602 World Interests Building,

8 Tsun Yip Ln, Kwun Tong

Open Hours: Mon – Sat 11am – 7pm

Whatsapp: +852 6492 7293



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