Idyllic British village life for urbanites

The current pandemic has not dented market sentiments; in fact, there is a boom in the UK property market, according to Nicky So, Executive Director & Partner of FM Investment Hong Kong (FMI).

“With the national lockdown in the UK, there is a surging need for home space and privacy,” So explains. “Along with the stamp duty holiday, many Britons are in search of a spacious home that helps them maintain social distance with others while having fun at home.”

So reveals that compared to the last six months, the number of UK home transactions has almost doubled. Among them, houses are one of the popular choices. Meanwhile, houses are also soaring in popularity among Hong Kong buyers with Britain widening its door for BNO passport holders.

In accordance with its corporate philosophy of offering only quality dwellings, FMI pays careful attention to such factors as reputable developers; premium housing management and material use; price appreciation potentials; and after-sales services. It is in this connection that FMI is presenting Hartland Village to Hong Kong investors.

Built by a leading British developer St Edward under the award-winning Berkeley Group, Hartland Village is situated in the Hart area which has been rated as one of the most liveable places in the UK for six times, with a star-rated housing estate management.

“Quality residential projects like Hartland Village are selling fast in the UK. Due to the scarcity in supply in the local market, the developer had no intention to offer them to overseas investors,” reveals Amous Lee, Group CEO & Partner of FMI. “We were very lucky to be able to lay our hands on a limited number for Hong Kong investors.”
Nestled in a peaceful countryside setting, Hartland Village gathers a collection of beautifully designed 3 to 5-bedroom houses, ranging from 1038 to 2193 sq ft, with a spacious garden sized from 600 sq ft to 1400 sq ft.

From undisputed quality to a choice location, Hartland Village brings its residents a cherished village life in the tranquil Hart area. At the same time, it is also a tempting choice for Londoners with its excellent transport links. It takes merely half an hour to reach central London by train.

What’s more, within its own community, residents can enjoy a 20,000-sq. ft. diversified town center comprising restaurants, shops, markets, fitness studios, schools, nurseries, dental clinics, and veterinary clinics, not to mention the nearby 28 acres of outdoor space, as well as nearly 70 acres of country parks.

For families, a 40-minute drive will take you to 36 prestigious schools. The village is located adjacent to the Alma Mater Cheam School of Prince Charles of Wales, Winchester College, Royal Grammar School, Wellington College and Eton College.

Scheduled for completion from 2022 Q1, the houses are priced from £535,000 with freehold tenure and rental yield of up to 3.7%.

Steve Ming, Head of Sales of FMI, reckons it is a perfect fit for home buyers and BNO passport holders that contemplate moving to the UK in the future. “Not only do the houses come with top tier management and facilities, but they also make a promising and steady investment,” he adds.

FM Investment Hong Kong (FMI)

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