Parts of Victoria Park to be cordoned off in tomorrow’s Jun 4 vigil: sources

The police will cordon off some parts of Victoria Park tomorrow to stop people gathering there for a June 4 vigil, sources said.

It is also understood that the force will deploy at least 7,000 officers across the territory to stop unauthorized assemblies.

Tomorrow’s June 4 vigil will be the first one to be held since the national security law has been launched.

It is understood that the force may refer to articles from the Public Order Ordinance and cordon off areas of Victoria Park, like the football fields and basketball courts, to prevent any unlawful assembly.

About half of the 7,000 officers will be stationed in Hong Kong Island and sensitive locations like the liaison office. The other half will patrol areas across the city including major shopping malls.

People who show up in black clothes, chant slogans or light candles will be filmed by officers first, or even warned and arrested.

Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China earlier applied to hold the vigil at the park, yet its application was banned by the police.

The arrangement came as police re-assessed the situation, after finding netizens calling the public to join them in the vigil on the internet, the sources added.

Netizens today said in an online forum that Victoria Park in Causeway Bay has always been the venue for the vigil for years. It is expected that police officers will patrol in the area.

Those netizens advised the public to better keep moving than stay in a certain area, saying the park is an open place and no one could stop people from entering without reasonable doubts.

They added people entering the park holding relevant banners, leaflets or posters could be judged by the court as taking part in an unauthorized assembly.

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