Cabbie facing two offenses after PLA barracks entrance rammed

A cabbie remained in police detention last night after ramming his taxi into the entrance of the People’s Liberation Army barracks in Admiralty on Saturday night.

The 53-year-old driver, surnamed Yuen, was taken by soldiers into the barracks for questioning before police took over the case. He was suspected of having a mental illness.

Yuen was expected to be charged late last night for criminal damage and prohibition on entering or leaving a closed area without permit.

While no one was injured, the security barrier at the barracks’ entrance was severely damaged as one side of the site’s main gate was open at the time. The taxi had a dented hood and got some components detached.

At 6.20pm on Saturday, Yuen was driving along Lung Wo Road in Central.

On reaching Tim Wa Avenue, he said he lost control of the vehicle and turned left before ramming into the entrance of the barracks at Edinburgh Place.

The loud crash alarmed soldiers, who told Yuen to get out of the taxi and brought him into the barracks for inquiry.

Shortly afterward, constables from the enforcement and control division of traffic Hong Kong Island entered the barracks to carry out an investigation.

Yuen tested negative after breath and drug tests and was arrested shortly after.

At 11pm, the taxi was towed away as PLA personnel in protective clothing sprayed disinfectant at the scene.

At noon yesterday, the damaged security barrier at the barracks’ entrance had been removed.

Police said the case was being followed up by the Central district crime squad.

Sources said Yuen was speaking incoherently after the accident, claiming he was being hunted down by killers and hoped that the soldiers could protect him.

The Sources added that his friends suspected he had mental health issues, despite no record of Yuen seeking consultation with public hospitals, according to the Hospital Authority.

Yuen’s family told local media that they did not believe he had any mental health issues, adding the incident could have been caused by Yuen not getting enough sleep.

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