HK students see lower life satisfaction level compared to overseas ones

A survey found Hong Kong students score lower points on the life satisfaction scale than international students.

This is one of the survey results of Health Behaviour in School-aged Children, conducted by the Institute of Educational Research and the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The research team interviewed some 5,300 students from 40 primary and secondary schools between June and December last year.

Results showed that the respondents on average score 6.97 points out of ten on the life satisfaction scale, lower than the international standard of 7.8 points. Only 18 percent of students are very satisfied with their lives, lower than the international standard of 36 percent.

The results also saw 36 percent of students self-rated their health status as fair or poor, higher than the international standard of 14 percent.

The survey found out that Hong Kong students are less likely to have physical symptoms like headache and stomachache compared to international students.

However they are more likely to have psychological symptoms. Almost 40 percent of students said they feel low or lose their temper at least once a week. The older the students are, the more they rate themselves with psychological problems.

The research team pointed out that students score higher points and self-rate their health status better if they talk to parents more often and exercise, suggesting that family support and exercising are crucial to students.

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