Hong Kong Palace Museum to open next July

The Hong Kong Palace Museum will be opened to the public next July at the earliest, showing some 880 Chinese national treasures, says its director.

The director of the Hong Kong Palace Museum, Louis Ng Chi-wa, said the construction of the museum building is set to finish late this year, with interior renovations expected to be done in March and April next year.

Ng said the 880 artifacts that will arrive in Hong Kong from Beijing’s Palace Museum, are by far the largest number of exhibits the museum has lent to places outside mainland China.

“The list of artifacts from Beijing that will be on display in Hong Kong’s museum is still pending approval from Beijing authorities. The list will hopefully be ready this September,” said Ng.

Ng also said he expected the annual attendance of the museum to reach 2 million for the first two years after the opening.

He also added his team has yet to come up with a solid plan regarding the entrance fee of the museum.

However, he said the museum will be offering a concession rate for students, senior citizens, and low-income earners. Year passes will also be available for purchase at the time of the opening.

“The Hong Kong Palace Museum is an open platform, one that isn’t just about the study of art and culture, but to bring art into our lives,” Ng stressed, “It would be a pity if members of the public are unable to visit the museum due to pricing issues.”

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