RTHK’s politics show Letter to Hong Kong suspended

RTHK’s Letter to Hong Kong, a programme inviting politicians and public figures to share their views on social affairs, has been suspended since yesterday.

The timeslot of that show is now replaced by new programme #Hashtag Hong Kong. The new show invites non-government organizations to discuss daily livelihood affairs and plays music.

Letter to Hong Kong was scheduled at 8.15am every Sunday on Radio 3 of RTHK.

Earlier reports said some episodes were withdrawn right before airing. A letter written by Tuen Mun district councilor Michael Mo Kwan Tai, thanking the detainees in prison for their sacrifice and wishing them a happy Easter, was supposed to air on April 4. In the letter Mo also mentioned that one should not lose determination even after losing a battle.

However, Mo’s letter was withdrawn three days before airing. A letter by Eugene Chan Kin-keung, the former chairman of RTHK Board of Advisors, was aired instead.

Later RTHK only explained that it was an ordinary airing adjustment.

According to RTHK’s website, the last episode aired on May 30, with a letter by Allan Zeman, the chairman of the Lan Kwai Fong Group. There was no update from yesterday, the first Sunday of June, meaning that the programme has been suspended.

The timeslot has been taken over by new show #Hashtag Hong Kong, which invites non-government organizations, statutory bodies and non-profit organizations to discuss livelihood issues and play music.

Patrick Cheung chi-hung, the chairman of executive committee of Against Child Abuse was invited to speak of measurs to protect children in the first episode.

RTHK in response to media enquiries said #Hashtag Hong Kong is the latest programme of RTHK Radio 3, and added programming and rescheduling are the normal operations of the broadcaster.

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