Thirlestane Castle joins Masterpiece Estates Portfolio

The magnificent 16th-century Thirlestane Castle has been home to the Maitland family for over 400 years. The unrivalled accommodation offers guests the unique opportunity to stay in a Castle with a fabulous sporting estate.

The history of Thirlestane dates back to at least the 13th century, when a large Border fort was built on the site to defend the approach to Edinburgh from the south. The central part of the present Castle was completed in 1590, remodelled in the 1670s, and then again in the 1840s.

Nestled in an idyllic part of the Scottish Borders, the castle is set in a meadow landscape. With its fairy tale façade and its parkland surroundings, it is the ultimate luxury retreat for a family gathering, group holiday or romantic couples’ getaway.

Thirlestane is conveniently located at the gateway to the Highlands and Edinburgh, in the quaint town of Lauder, known for its stylish shops and art galleries. It is a mere 35-minute away from the south of Edinburgh and easily accessible just off the A68 at Lauder.

Offered to guests are eight bedrooms, each with private bathroom facilities and several with adjoining drawing rooms – each uniquely adorned in a classic, luxurious style. Inside the rooms with generously high ceilings, the walls are decked with portraits from the castle collections.


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