The best primary education in Hong Kong

Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong draws directly upon the heritage of one of Britain’s most outstanding independent schools. Founded by Royal Charter in 1552, Shrewsbury School has an exceptional track record for broad study and academic excellence. We share aspiration, ideology and a commitment to the cultivation of confident, articulate and independent learners.

Offering an inspirational learning programme for young learners founded upon the English National Curriculum and designed to nurture creativity and confidence, Shrewsbury is just 30 minutes from Central.

“We are a Primary School and the vast majority of benefits our students enjoy stem from this critical distinction: they are the sole occupants of our beautiful campus and the most significant consideration of school leaders and governors.” Mr Ben Keeling, Principal said.

Able to offer a unique range of experiences and opportunities to students and their families, children begin their journey at Shrewsbury in the Early Years at the age of 3.

Learning in this phase nurtures creativity, inspires connection and broadens understanding – activities centre upon the development of core social, physical and intellectual skills. Catering for children from the age of 5, learning in the Primary phase grows in complexity as students develop their ability to independently access, interpret and then respond to a series of increasingly sophisticated engagements designed to challenge, engage and inspire.

All students benefit from access to an incredible range of learning spaces designed for young learners and a thematically arranged curriculum that encourages interconnectivity and both critical and creative thinking.

Learning at Shrewsbury is enhanced through the regular engagement of a specialist teaching team and a broad programme of Co-curricular activity. Chinese Language, Physical Education, Music and Performing Arts lessons are all delivered by teachers offering subject specific expertise. Extra Curricular Activity, After School Aquatics and the Instrumental Music Programme act to complement, personalise and extend their programme of study. The Co-curricular programme has been designed to support the development of social and leadership skills, perseverance and determination. It also acts to support positive dialogue centred upon personal preferences, motivations and ambitions.

‘Our commitment to curriculum enrichment is a commitment to the aspirations of every student. The experiences on offer at Shrewsbury provide each of our students with the attributes to thrive both within their primary years and beyond.’ Mr Ben Keeling, Principal.

Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong

10 Shek Kok Road, Tseung Kwan O

Tel: 2480 1500

Fax: 2480 1231



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