Stand News will temporarily remove all articles and commentaries published in May or before

Stand News will temporarily remove all the articles and commentaries submitted in May or before from its website, the pro-democracy online media announced.

This came after Apple Daily shut down its operation last Thursday amid national security investigations.

In a statement released tonight, Stand News said it might arrange re-publications of the articles and commentaries after negotiating with their authors about the terms and risks involved.

“We will continue to have the website back up,” the statement reads.

“If necessary, authors can seek archives from us, and the copyright of their work always belongs to them…As for the Stand News’ news, profile pieces and photos, they will be updated as usual.”

The media also announced the resignation of six board members – Yu Ka-fai, Chow Tat-chi, Margaret Ng Ngoi-yee, Denise Ho Wan-si, Fong Man-sun and Joseph Lian Yi-zheng.

“Stand News appreciates the safeguard and support of each board member over the years,” the statement reads.

“After the resignation of the six board members, the remaining two board members, Tony Tsoi Tung-ho and Chung Pui-kuen, will stay behind…Stand News will continue to operate, maintaining its policy and editing work.”

Stand News said it had terminated the contracts of staffers who had worked for the media for six months or more last month so as to protect them.

“We also settled their annual pay with an amount higher than that demanded by the law, and they shall be re-hired with offers higher than that of before,” the statement reads.

“Most of the staffers will stay behind, continuing their work.”

The media said it would stop receiving new donations — so that no money would go to waste in case police freeze its assets.

“We will also terminate the monthly payment transferral of members who have subscribed to the ‘MyStand Plan”,” the statement reads.

“Stand News will add several hands to its team, and its current financial reserves should be able to handle the media’s expenditure in the upcoming nine to 12 months.”

Stand News added that it might seek help from Hongkongers again in the future for its team.

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