Aircrafts form the word 100 and 71 for the centenary celebration of CCP

Chengdu J-20 aircrafts flew over the skies of Tiananmen Square in Beijing in the centenary celebration for the Chinese Communist Party.

Aircrafts in the skies were spotted carrying the flag of the party and other slogans, like “Long Live the Great Chinese Communist Party!”

A total of 29 Z-10 and Z-19 attack helicopters formed the number 100, and another 10 J-10 fighters formed the number 71, representing July 1.

Then a total of 15 Chengdu J-20 stealth fighters, five each in three V-shaped formations, flew over the skies as well. Trainer jets also left long streams of colored smoke behind.

The aerial performance was followed by a 100-gun salute, to represent the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Party.

Soldiers, carrying the flag of China, proceeded from the Monument to the People’s Heroes to the north side of Tienanmen Square for the flag-hoisting ceremony.

Guests and core members of the party, including president Xi Jinping then sang the national anthem after the flag-hoisting ceremony.

The celebration ceremony, the grandest ever, began at 8am. Some 60,000 people attended the event, according the Chinese media reports.

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