Hong Kong will rebound with political stability restored, says John Lee

Hong Kong will rebound from its trough and welcome a brighter future after the national security law and electoral changes restore social and political stability, acting chief executive John Lee Ka-chiu said.

Lee added although the city faced unprecedented challenges since the social unrest in 2019 and anti-China disruptors have been trying to paralyze the government, Beijing has helped the city to solve problems at the constitutional level.

The acting chief executive speaking at the 24th anniversary celeration of the handover of the city, condemned anti-China disruptors for “taking advantage of the loopholes in the electoral system to worm their way into the HKSAR’s political structure”.

However, he pointed out, that the Central Government stopped chaos and restored order in the city by imposing national security law, improving the electoral system and implementing “patriots ruling Hong Kong”.

Lee stressed that now national security is protected, Hongkongers can continue to enjoy freedoms under the law, including freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of demonstration, and more.

“With social and political stability restored now, Hong Kong definitely has the conditions to rebound from the doldrums and create a brighter future”, according to Lee.

He also said there have been significant improvements in the local economic and employment situation in recent months, thanks to the success of the anti-epidemic work.

Lee moved on and encouraged citizens to get their jabs to raise the city’s vaccination rate and to keep the good momentum going.

He concluded the governing team is more confident about the future than at any moment in the past four years since the current term government took office.

The government will continue to take a firm stand in safeguarding national security, improving the implementation of “one country, two systems”, Lee pointed out.

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