HK to continue safeguarding national security in multiple areas, says Carrie Lam

The Hong Kong leader said that the government will take forward the work of safeguarding national security in Hong Kong according to the concept of overall national security, covering multiple areas within the society.

Speaking at the National Security Law Legal Forum today, chief executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said the National Security Law is the major turning point in Hong Kong’s transition from chaos to order, with its effect in stabilizing the society indisputable.

She said the SAR Government will continue to strengthen and deepen the work on safeguarding national security in the future.

“We will ensure that the related work is fully understood and implemented at full steam and in a holistic manner, covering the areas including politics, society, economy, culture, technology, the Internet, finance, and public health,” said Lam.

“After the implementation of the National Security Law, stability has been restored in society and riots have disappeared. People’s life and property are protected.”

She also slammed “biased” foreign politicians and media for smearing the law with ulterior motives, which she said those people have claimed that the law would undermine human rights, suppress freedoms of speech and of assembly, and damage the rule of law.

“As we have been emphasizing repeatedly, the National Security Law only targets an extremely small minority of criminals and acts which endanger national security, whereas human rights and freedoms enjoyed by the overwhelming majority of the citizens will not be affected at all,” stressed Lam.

She also added that public assemblies banned due to the coronavirus should not be used as an excuse to accuse Hong Kong that people’s rights have been undermined.

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