Ani-com returns on July 23, 300 priority tickets to be distributed by drawing lots

Hong Kong’s AniCom and Games Fair, also known as ACGHK, will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre between July 23 and 26.

The four-day fair had attracted more than 500 exhibitors to take part.

Due to the Covid epidemic, only digital payments like Octopus will be accepted for purchasing tickets at the venue.

The organizer has this year cancel the arrangement which requires customers to queue up at MacPherson Stadium to purchase the priority tickets, which entitled them to first entry and dibs on a variety of highly sought-after merchandise.

The 300 priority tickets will be distributed by drawing lots on July 16, with online registration to open from July 8 to 15. The priority tickets will be sold on a real-name system, hence, not transferable.

Meanwhile, regular tickets will be sold at HK$40 each, with a HK$5 discount offered to those who were members of In Express Expo and purchase the tickets through their mobile app.

The 22nd ACGHK was originally scheduled for July 24 to 27 in 2020, but was postponed twice due to the coronavirus.

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