Three iconic rides at Ocean Park set to retire in September

Three iconic rides of Ocean Park – The Abyss, Raging River and the Mine Train are set to retire in September.

The Abyss is currently opened to the public, while Raging River and the Mine Train will open on July 10 with the reopening of Adventure Land, where they are located. Those wishing to try them again will have a chance until August 31.

The Mine Train, regarded as the world’s most scenic roller coaster, and The Abyss have been in service for 20 years, whereas Raging River has operated for 37 years since 1984 and is one of the longest-serving rides of Ocean Park.

The Park explained their retirement will make way for other exciting experiences for the Park’s future development.

The Park also offers special packages that allow visitors to gain one-day access not only to the Park, but also to exclusive concerts performed by eight upcoming local bands on July 17 and 18.

Performers include pop music duo per se and indie rock group Nowhere Boys, as well as Carrier – a band led by social media persona Lung Siu-kwan.

These special packages, priced at HK$498, as low as one regular admission ticket, will be available for sale starting tomorrow.

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