Two-third of parents wish to send children to study abroad: survey

Two-third of parents wished to send their children to study abroad, according to a recent survey.

Dadi Education commissioned a private research institute to interview over 300 families in May on their intention and reason of sending children to study abroad through online surveys.

Results showed that 66 percent of parents have already sent, or wish to send their children to study abroad.

When asked about reasons behind, over half of them said they do not have faith in Hong Kong’s education, and 48 percent of them hoped children could grow up in an environment with a new education system and new cultures. Also 42 percent of them said the current political atmosphere is not fit for children to be educated in the city.

Data revealed that 46 percent of parents worried about their financial ability, and 55 percent of parents chose UK as their destination for sending kids to study abroad.

Around 60 percent of parents planned to send children overseas when they are studying in secondary schools, and around half of them tended to send children to boarding schools.

Patrick Mok, chief executive officer of Dadi Education, said the number of inquiry on studying abroad surged in these two years. Compared to the number of inquiry in July 2019, the number of that in July 2020 increased by 117 percent.

Mok expected the number will increase in mid-July, as the results of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education will be release by then.

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