As crows fly for Hong Kong’s Tang to Cannes win

Hong Kong director Tang Yi won the best short film award for All The Crows In The World at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday.

Inspired by the New York University film student’s experiences as a teenager, the 14-minute dark comedy tells the story of an 18-year-old who was invited by her cousin to a mysterious party that turned out to be filled with middle-aged men.

“It is often said women speak too loudly, but I wanted to raise my voice,” Tang said after the closing ceremony. “You have to have faith in yourself and not be afraid of making mistakes. All the greats have made mistakes,”

Last month, Tang won best director and best screenplay for the short in the 15th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival’s local competition.

Julia Ducournau of France won the top Palme d’Or prize with Titane, becoming the second woman to win the award after Jane Campion’s win for The Piano in 1993.

Titane is Ducournau’s follow-up to the 2016 shocker Raw and tells the story of a young woman who has sex with cars, kills carelessly and pretends to be a boy despite having been impregnated by a vintage Cadillac.

“Campion was very much on my mind, and coming after her inspires me. It makes me feel I am part of a movement on the rise,” Ducournau said.

The 37-year-old had tears of joy as she accepted her award, saying: “This evening has been perfect because it’s been imperfect.”

This came after jury president Spike Lee accidentally let on that Titane had won rather than introducing the first award of the night.

Separately, award-winning local director Kiwi Chow Kwun-wai, surprised the Hong Kong film industry by announcing the world premiere of Revolution of Our Times at Cannes on Friday.

The documentary, which covers seven groups of protesters in the 2019 unrest, was a late entry added one day before its premiere.

Chow said the 152-minute film was made free from self-censorship and added he had no plans to leave Hong Kong.

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