[Tokyo Olympics] Hong Kong gymnast eyes medal in Tokyo

The Hong Kong Gymnastics Team will send 29-year-old Shek Wai-hung to compete in the Men’s vault event of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, with him eyeing a medal for the Hong Kong team.

Shek Wai-hung is a two-time Asian Games gold medallist and made his debut in the 2012 London Summer Olympics. He has prepared two vault jumps with a difficulty rating of 6.0 for this year’s Olympics.

Shek said that the standard of his fellow competitors is even, with on-the-spot performance making all the difference during the competition.

He believes that the greatest opponent he has to deal with is himself, and that he will try to compete level-headed.

This year’s Olympics competitions will also feature a new item – Karate, with Hong Kong represented by 29-year-old Grace Lau Mo-sheung in the individual kata competition.

Lau, ranked No. 4 in world rankings for the event, has previously competed in the World Karate Championships, the Asian Games, and the Asian Karate Championships, where she is a three-time medallist.

Lau said she is confident to step onto the podium once again in the Tokyo Olympics.

Meanwhile, 21-year-old Oscar Coggins will represent Hong Kong in the men’s triathlon event, after Hong Kong not being qualified for the event for the previous two Olympic games.

Coggins, being the youngest of the competing athletes, said he hopes to gain experience in the competition while taking his best shot.

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