Tsuen Wan waterfront cycle track fully opens

The cycle track and cycling hub at the Tsuen Wan waterfront have been fully opened today, featuring a 2.3 kilometers long cycle track, running from Tsuen Wan Riviera Park to Bayview Garden, forms part of the 82km backbone of the New Territories cycle track network.

The public can now enjoy the panoramic view of the Rambler Channel and Tsing Yi along the Tsuen Wan waterfront section.

The cycle track run passes public leisure and recreational venues such as Tsuen Wan Riviera Park, Tsuen Wan Park and Tsuen Wan Sports Centre, along with ancillary facilities like resting stations, cycle parking areas, and a cycling hub with a cycle practicing area, toilets, a drinking fountain and sheltered benches for people to rest or enjoy the waterfront.

The Civil Engineering and Development Department said they have arranged bicycle ambassadors to provide assistance to the public in the early days after the cycle track is opened, and will organize from time to time activities to promote cycling safety.

Cyclists get show on the road in new track

A 2.3-kilometer cycling track on the Tsuen Wan promenade will open to the public today, allowing people to enjoy the scenery of Rambler Channel.

It is part of an 82km network in the New Territories, Secretary for Development Michael Wong Wai-lun said.

Writing on his blog yesterday, Wong said the track starts at the Tsuen Wan Riviera Park and runs to the waterfront near Bayview Garden, and cyclists could take in views of Rambler Channel and Tsing Yi.

“The cycling track also passes through many public leisure places in the district, including Tsuen Wan Park, Tsuen Wan Riviera Park and the promenade,” Wong said.

He added that the new cycling track is also near Tsuen Wan West MTR station and the Tsuen Wan West public transport interchange.

“It will also be convenient for people living in other districts to come to the cycling track here,” Wong said.

“The Civil Engineering and Development Department hopes the new cycling track will further bring new energy to the Tsuen Wan promenade and provide people with another choice for leisure activities.”

He added that there are two resting areas built along the track, and cyclists can also enjoy practice areas, public washrooms and drinking facilities located near Hoi Hing Road.

CEDD engineer Terry Siu Man-kit said the engineering team faced challenges when building the track, as they had to pay attention to the needs of pedestrians on the Tsuen Wan promenade and protect road users’ safety.

The team has added a number of pedestrian crossing facilities on the track to reduce the impact of people crossing the track on cyclists, he said.

Wong also said the main part of the track network project in the New Territories, a 60km cycling track connecting Tuen Mun and Ma On Shan, was completed last year, while the 22km section between Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun is still under construction.

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