Swire exhibition tells 150 years of Hong Kong history

From old Coca-Cola bottles to Cathay Pacific airline seats, Swire will tell the story of its 150 years in Hong Kong in an exhibition due to start this Friday.

To celebrate a century and a half of growing up with the people in Hong Kong, the Swire group will organize the “Believe in Hong Kong” exhibition at Hong Kong Maritime Museum, with free admission to the public, from August 27 to October 12.

The exhibition tells the story of how Swire has grown and evolved with Hong Kong in the past 150 years and features a wide range of historical artifacts and products, including sugar cubes from the 1980s, Coca-Cola bottles from various eras, Cathay Pacific airline seats and plastic bags given to passengers back in the day.

Six themed zones – Early Entrepreneurship, Refining Industry, Maritime Evolution, Transforming Communities, Building an Aviation Hub and Realising Potential show how Swire’s pioneering businesses have helped put Hong Kong on the map as a global commercial and aviation hub. 

Visitors can go on a simulated steamship voyage in the 1870s that takes them back to the Taikoo Dockyard, which opened in 1907.

Guy Bradley, the chairman of John Swire & Sons (HK), said that this exhibition aims to take visitors on Swire’s 150-year journey in Hong Kong from a trading and shipping business to a respected international conglomerate. “Our history is inextricably linked with this city’s growth and success,” Bradley said.

Public registration for the Swire “Believe in Hong Kong” Exhibition is available via the company’s website.

A virtual tour will be available from September 3 onwards. For further details, please visit the Swire website.

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