LegCo still has “moderate democrats”: president

There are “moderate democrats” in Legislative Council still, said council president Andrew Leung Kwan-yuen, following the disqualification of lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai.

Cheng was disqualified by the government’s committee for vetting election candidates today, with Chief Secretary John Lee Ka-chiu saying he did not uphold the Basic Law and genuinely pledge allegiance to the SAR government.

Cheng was regarded as the last member of the opposition in LegCo. Doctor Pierre Chan is regarded as a centrist.

Asked if the disqualification will leave LegCo with only pro-establishment lawmakers, Leung disagreed. He questioned whether those who claim to be the opposition are genuinely the opposition. It is not a requirement that the opposition camp oppose the government, and for the pro-establishment camp to support the authorities. As the Civic Party said earlier, the opposition offered the most support to the government, he said.

There are “moderate democrats” in LegCo still, he said, without naming anyone in particular. “In the past two days, members representing different sectors have participated in the debate, involving three bills and two members’ motions, and finally voted. I believe that members will still serve the public in the remaining two months,” Leung said.

He said that the Legco secretariat will pay Cheung’s salary and allowance counted until the day he was disqualified.

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