UK receives 64,900 applications for BNO visa

The United Kingdom’s Home Office announced that a total of 64,900 people have applied for the BNO visa. Of these, over 70 percent of applications have been approved.

Applications for the visa opened on January 31. The number of applications stood at 30,600 in the second season – from April 1 to June 30 – marking a decrease of 3,700 compared to the first season.

Of the applications recorded in the second season, 25,600 people applied from regions outside of the UK, 17,5000 were applicants, while 13,100 were dependents.

The Home Office also said that 29,400 applications received overseas and 10,700 applications received in the UK have been approved.

Only 7,200 applications received in the first season have been approved.

It added that 68 percent of applicants who saw their applications for BNO visa approved hold BNO passports or Hong Kong passports.

As for dependents who had their BNO visa granted, 70 percent of them hold passports other than Hong Kong passports, including 67 percent of them who hold Chinese passports.

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