Vitasoy asks employees for personal information

Vitasoy has asked its employees for agreement on collecting their personal information including their family members, or they may risk not getting paid.

The beverage company stated in a document that it would disclose staffers’ information when requested by law enforcement agencies.

Vitasoy was earlier brought into the center of a political storm after its staffer stabbed a police officer before killing himself on July 1. An internal statement offering condolences to the staffer’s family backfired on the mainland, triggering a boycott of the brand.

In a document leaked to the local press, staffers were asked to give permission to Vitasoy for collecting their personal and family information, including working experience and their membership in various associations.

The document stated that Vitasoy might not be able to follow the staffers’ contract agreement, such as salary payment, if they do not provide such information.

Vitasoy told media that its human resource system is undergoing an “electronic update” so the company had to ask staffers for permission to move their personal information to a new system.

Information that will be moved includes personal information that the human resource system already has, such as curriculum vitae, membership in professional associations, and contact information of staffers’ families.

The company added briefing sessions will be held in the coming two weeks to offer explanation to employees.

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