No idol making shows, no appearance of idols’ kids: Beijing

While “idol making” programs such as King Maker have been popular in Hong Kong and churned out the successful boy band Mirror, they are now banned on the other side of the border.

China’s National Radio and Television Administration said in an online notice on Thursday that it will strengthen regulation over cultural programs, cracking down on what it deems “unhealthy” content.

TV stations are instructed not to broadcast “idol making” programs, where youngsters grow and compete against each other as they embark on the path to become idols.

Voting for idols that go alongside such programs is also banned. Encouragements for fans to spend money to vote strictly forbidden, said the notice.

Also banned are variety programs where idols bring along their children, meaning programs like the popular Where Are We Going? Dad featuring celebrities including Hong Kong actor Jordan Chan Siu-chun are no longer possible in the future.

The notice also said that what it called “deformed” tastes such as “effeminate” aesthetics in programs should be ended. Entertainment involving “vulgar” internet celebrities, scandals and flaunting of wealth should be rejected.

Mainland has been putting pressure on what it describes as a “chaotic” celebrity fan culture, as well as targeting domestic celebrities after a number of controversies.

After Hip hop star Kris Wu Yifan was arrested and detained for rape, some of his fans threatened to rescue him from jail.

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