Over 20,000 join “Cruise-to-nowhere” in Hong Kong

The first company to resume “cruise-to-nowhere” in Hong Kong said it has welcomed more than 20,000 passengers during the month.

Dream Cruises said no Covid-19 cases have been detected on board, proving disease prevention measures to be effective.

Its cruise vessel Genting Dream was the first to resume service at Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Cruise Terminal on July 30.

Kent Zhu Fuming, President of Genting Cruise Lines, said that the market has responded positively to the Hong Kong-based line.

The ship is running at half of its capacity in accordance with government regulations, but most of the voyages were already fully booked within the first few days of its resumption.

He said that “cruise-to-nowhere” is an important milestone in the relaunch of the city’s cruise industry.

“No one has been diagnosed so far, proving the pandemic management and prevention mechanism to be effective. The cruise has provided passengers with a truly worry-free cruise experience,” Zhu said.

The company pointed out that travel enthusiasts have seen their desire to globetrot suppressed for a long time. They have become more willing to spend money on local tours and higher-end accommodations.

In addition, 55 percent of the passengers were families, including parents and their children, as well as grandparents. The number of returning passengers also recorded a rapid growth of 25 percent.

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