15 years of IB excellence at RCHK

Renaissance College (RCHK) is thrilled to be celebrating 15 years of bringing world-class IB education to families in Hong Kong! RCHK is where students come to develop their unique passions, talents and interests whilst being challenged by the rigorous IB curriculum. We are a proud member of the prestigious English Schools Foundation (ESF); the largest local provider of English medium international education.

The Secondary IBDP Programme provides an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education and is recognized by many universities worldwide. Moreover, with the guidance and support from our Further Education counsellors, we are proud to see the majority of our graduates studying a diverse range of subjects around the world; including art and design, law, medicine, pharmacy, sciences and engineering, film studies, hospitality management, economics and business, among others. Our graduates are studying at higher education institutions in the UK (34%), Hong Kong (32%), Canada (14%) and the USA (9%), as well as Japan, South Korea, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Career-related Programme (CP) at RCHK takes a specialized approach within an IB educational framework and philosophy that can be customized to suit students’ needs, personal interests and strengths. CP allows students to specialise in a career-related pathway that is suited to their enthusiasm and ability. All components of the CP reflect a balance between careerrelated objectives and academic rigour with the aim of cultivating well-rounded students. They can access multiple pathways including higher education, employment and apprenticeships.

Furthermore, our all-through environment allows our Secondary students specialised mentorship and leadership opportunities to work and play together with our Primary students. his is further supported by our College-wide House System that allows students of all ages to interact and fosters a sense of identity and belonging.

We offer Scholarships to able and high-achieving Secondary students, and the Financial Aid is also available. Contact us at admissions@rchk.edu.hk to learn more!

Renaissance College (RCHK)

Address: 5 Hang Ming Street, Ma On Shan, New Territories

Tel: 3556 3556

Email: admissions@rchk.edu.hk

Website: www.rchk.edu.hk

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