Mastering hands of time

Chronographs may be as commonly found as simple display watches, but their functions are actually much more complex and that may account for their popularity.

While split-second chronographs only involve the addition of an extra hand, they are much more difficult to make. Even Richard Mille, a brand that is expert in creating chronographs, took five years to create its new RM65-01 Automatic Split Second Chronograph.

The RM65-01 is a collaboration between Richard Mille and Swiss movement manufacturer Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier. It features an RMAC4 automatic winding movement – an integrated movement where the complications are part of its development from the beginning.

The advantage is that since the time display and chronograph functions are integrated, there are fewer parts and it is therefore thinner than a modular design. With a thickness of just 8.69mm, the RMAC4 is much more comfortable to wear and hosts a better display layout.

As is usual for Richard Mille, the RMAC4 automated movement has everything that makes a superior chronograph. The column wheel features a six-column architecture that ensures the quick reaction of starting, stopping and resetting the chronograph, and the clutch system features a vertical coupling design that reduces the jump of the chronograph hand while starting and resetting.

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