Roads to green cards

The US Department of State is looking to put a dent in the massive backlog of green card applications. The number of interviews increased from 18,979 in April to 33,306 in August – a 75 percent increase.

Of course, there are still 513,887 interviews waiting to be scheduled but at least the pace is picking up.

For those looking for a way in, there are multiple ways to get your hands on a green card. Marriage and investment are popular options. But you can also work your way in – the H1B work visa or the EB-2 extraordinary worker green card can help out.

Studying also works. Getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a US college entitles you to a one-year post-graduate work permit called Optional Practical Training.

If you want to stay in the country after that though, you should probably get your boss to apply for the H1B work visa for you.

If you’re from a country under-represented in America, such as Estonia or Fiji, then you can try out the Diversity Green Card Lottery.

Finally, if all else fails, win the Pulitzer. An Oscar or Grammy also works. Those who have risen to the very top of their profession can be given green cards for their achievements.

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