Setting new records

Today we talk all things Quebec. The francophone province of Canada has conducted its largest draw of the year through the Arrima Expression of Interest system, issuing invitations to 515 candidates.

The August 12 draw required a minimum score of 591 points in the Quebec Expression of Interest points system, where a maximum of 1,320 points are available.

The most recent draw targeted candidates with skills and experience in one of 17 National Occupational Classification codes – including professions such as IT analysts and consultants, software engineers and designers, as well as producers, directors and choreographers, to name a few – those with a job offer outside the Montreal Metropolitan Area, candidates in Quebec with a job as a diplomatic agent, consular office, representative or a duly accredited official of a foreign country or the United Nations, and those invited by the Quebec immigration minister for being able to contribute to the prosperity of Quebec.

The draw featured a number of firsts for the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration. It was the first draw since a new scoring system was published for Expression of Interest profiles, the first draw that targeted specific occupations and the first draw to target candidates with a job offer outside the Metropolitan Montreal Area.

Candidates receiving an invitation have 60 days to submit a full application to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

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