Sports Class for Kids This Autumn

The YWCA International Kids Club is proud to offer a full and rounded education, including a variety of indoor and outdoor sports programmes for children. This Autumn term will feature a wide range of sports courses such as soccer, tennis, fencing, gymnastics, rope skipping, just to name a few. Besides being all fun and games, it is a great way to get those little bodies moving and to try out different sports in a safe and well equipped environment. And as always, if it’s at the YWCA International Kids Club; you’ve come to the right place!

Kinder Kicks Soccer

Over 600 kids come for our Kinder Kicks soccer class each week making it one of the most popular sports class at the Y and this is the perfect term to get involved if you haven’t done so already.  Our professional coaches will teach a wide variety of exciting games, where students enjoy themselves while learning the basics about soccer.  This is a wonderful programme to improve your young child’s motor skills while teaching valuable social skills.

Fencing Fun

Fencing is a skilled sport and entails young athletes who can satisfy the physical and psychological challenges of head to head combat.  A perfect activity to help children build self-discipline, forge friendships and sharing. Sign your child up this Autumn term to our fencing course designed for young beginners.  All equipment are imported from Europe including soft PVC fencing sword and guards that are light in weight and safe for young learners and beginners.  What’s more, kids just look so cute in their fencing gear don’t you think?

Outdoor & Indoor Tennis For Kids

It doesn’t matter your child’s level of play as our coaches will be there on-hand to help your child develop the skills needed for a fun and exciting game of tennis.  From groundstrokes, volleys, lobs to serves, our outdoor and indoor tennis classes suits children in various ages.  It is an ideal development tool for young players of all abilities and a natural way of spotting aptitude for the game.


This class trains children to learn various gymnastics positions such as running, jumping, balancing, and turns along with routines designed specifically to increase their coordination, flexibility, agility and control.

YWCA International Kids Club

Address: 3/F, 1 MacDonnell Road, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: 3476 1340





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