The new campus craze

International students are “overwhelmingly willing” to get vaccinated and undergo quarantine in order to study on campus, a recent survey by IDP Connect found.

The education consulting firm found that out of those students bound for the United Kingdom, more than half of those surveyed – 57 percent – were already fully vaccinated. Indeed, 31 percent reported that they intend to get inoculated “as soon as they can.”

As of yet, being vaccinated is not a prerequisite to start studies in the UK.

This survey was based on the responses of more than 4,000 current or future students across 20 countries such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Malaysia.

The UK appears to have performed relatively well in the survey overall. The survey noted: “The UK and Canada have both recently confirmed that vaccines will be available to students on arrival and these latest findings show that this is welcomed by students, and factored into their decisions on preferred destinations.”

About 86 percent of students applying to the UK also expect to start their studies as planned this year, slightly higher than the global average of 79 percent.

As for whether students would defer until they can study face-to-face, the response is split down the middle. Forty-nine percent of UK-bound students said they will continue with their study plans even if courses start online. Though this is only as long as they can transition to in-person classes at a later stage.

The paper concluded: “The research indicates students have a willingness and proactivity regarding becoming vaccinated, often above that of their wider home country population.”

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