BTS fan group banned on social media after raising 2.3 million yuan to celebrate idol’s birthday

A mainland fan group of the K-pop boy band BTS has been banned by Weibo for 60 days after they breached regulations discouraging “irrational idol worship” by raising over 2.3 million yuan to celebrate an idol’s birthday.

The funding raised was said to be used for a cooperation with Jeju Air to create a customized flight with a fuselage, cabin, and tickets with Park Ji-min’s image.

In addition, a full-page advertisement is to be placed in both New York Times and The Times on the day of his birthday on October 13.

The fundraising exceeded 1 million yuan in three minutes and over 2.3 million yuan in an hour.

Weibo announced today that the group’s accounts have violated regulations over fan culture and were banned for 60 days.

Related posts were also deleted from the platform.

Mainland authorities stepped up regulations over idol worship and cracked down on “irrational fan culture” recently.

Weibo said that they have carried out relevant operations in compliance with the notice issued by the Cyberspace Administration of China to suppress irrational behaviors arising from obsession with celebrities.

Earlier, Weibo took down an online list that ranks celebrities by popularity after state media said social media platforms ought to rein in the promotion of celebrity culture to protect children.

Last week, China’s National Radio and Television Administration said in a notice that it will strengthen regulation over cultural programs and crack down on what it deems “unhealthy” content.

Television stations have been instructed not to broadcast “idol-making” programs, in which youngsters grow and compete against each other as they try to forge a show business career.

Voting for idols on such programs has also been banned as well as come-ons for fans to spend money to vote.

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