Fewer rubbish bins on the street after waste charging comes into effect

There will be fewer rubbish bins on the street after a waste charging scheme comes into effect in Hong Kong, assistant director of Environmental Protection Department Jessica Cheng Yi-ka said.

According to the waste charging law passed in Legislative Council on August 26, residents will have to pay 11 cents per liter of rubbish they dump. Residents will have to pay for bags of nine different sizes for their rubbish, with family of three expected to pay about HK$36 to HK$52 a month.

There will be a preparation period of at least 18 months before the law’s enforcement.

With reference to a similar scheme in Taipei, Hong Kong authorities will consider reducing the number of rubbish bins on the street after the waste charging scheme goes into force, Cheng said on a TV program today. A trial scheme is being conducted at 50 public housing blocks, during which special rubbish bags will be distributed to residents starting from May this year.

Residents will not need to pay for the rubbish they dump in the trial, so will not be effective in inducing people reduce waste and increase recycling. However, it aims to help people become more familiar with how the future scheme will work.

There will a preparation period because the government took into consideration economic impact of the law and its effect on grassroot citizens, Cheng said.

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