Booking for Tourism Board’s staycation discounts starts tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, Hongkongers can book hotels with a HK$500 discount under Hong Kong Tourism Board’s “Staycation Delights” program.

A total of 20,000 quotas are offered in the new round of the Spend-to-Redeem “Staycation Delights” program which covers over 140 hotels.

Members of the public who have spent HK$800 or more at local retail or dining outlets and are aged 18 or above with at least 1 dose of Covid-19 vaccine taken can collect original machine-printed receipts for redeeming a HK$500 discount on local hotel accommodation offers.

Starting tomorrow, they can book an accommodation offer of one night or two consecutive nights, valued at HK$500 or above, directly with a hotel through designated methods, including by email or through the hotel’s in-house booking system with the promo code “HKstay” and enjoy a HK$500 discount.

As there will be a limited quota, the discounts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Details can be found on the “Staycation Delights” programme website.

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