British residents reminded of national security law risks

The British government has updated travel advice to Hong Kong, stating that the city’s national security law applies to activities conducted both inside and outside Hong Kong, which could include the United Kingdom.

Chinese authorities could detain and try individuals who commit or are accused of committing a national security offense, with the risk of being transferred to China, it warned.

The travel advice pointed out that the Hong Kong government has the power to prevent people from leaving the city, citing the amendment to Immigration Ordinance that took effect on August 1.

“ The Hong Kong SAR Government has given undertakings that such powers will not be used and that the ability to remove people from flights will be applied only to stop certain asylum seekers from entering Hong Kong,” it added.

UK has launched a pathway allowing holders of British National (Overseas) passports and their family members to attain British citizenship.

The United Kingdom’s Home Office announced last month that a total of 64,900 people have applied for the pathway. Among them, over 70 percent of applications have been approved.

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