Five more groups allowed walk-in vaccinations

Starting this Thursday, five groups of people including medical, catering and school staff will be allowed walk-in vaccinations, authorities announced this morning.

Twenty one community vaccination centers, except those run by private hospitals, will distribute tickets to five target groups so that they can receive vaccination on the same day.

The five groups are:

1. Staff of residential care homes for the elderly, residential care homes for persons with disabilities and nursing homes;

2. Staff of medical organisations;

3. Staff of schools, school bus drivers and escorts (commonly known as “nannies”);

4. Staff of catering business, bars or pubs; and

5. Construction site personnel.

People in the five groups can collect a same-day ticket at a community vaccination center by presenting their Hong Kong identity cards and declaring the target groups they belong to.

They can also authorize their family members to collect a ticket on their behalf, provided that the authorized person can present a copy of the authoriser’s HKID card and declare the target group the authoriser belongs to for registration.

When receiving the first dose of vaccination, they will be informed by center staff of the date and time for the second dose.

The same-day arrangement also applies to people aged 60 or above and students aged 12 or above.

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