Paul Chan apologizes again for making elderly queue over consumption vouchers

Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po has apologized again for making elderly people queue up following problems with their applications of electronic consumption vouchers.

The first batch of HK$2,000 electronic consumption vouchers was distributed on September 1 to about 810,000 people who completed electronic registration online on or after July 18 or submitted paper forms.

But thousands of people, especially elderly residents who submitted paper forms, encountered problems and did not receive their vouchers. Hundreds queued up earlier at Pioneer Center, Mong Kok to seek advice and resubmit their applications.

Chan said he was sorry to have made lots of elderly people travel a long way to the service center and then wait for long periods of time there, but added that authorities have since then made adjustments.

Three additional service centers have been set up to tackle the re-submission of applications, opening on Monday.

He also said the retail market thrived after the distribution of the first batch of vouchers on August 1, and more people are now using electronic payment.

The catering and retail industries have seen business improve since 5.5 million people received the first batch of HK$2,000 vouchers in August.

He said he hoped the public will continue driving the economy and support the job market.

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