June 4 vigil organizer charged with inciting subversion 

An alliance organizing the vigil commemorating Tiananmen crackdown and its three leaders have been charged with inciting subversion of state power.

They are Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China chairman Lee Cheuk-yan and the two vice-chair Tonyee Chow Hang-tung and Albert Ho Chun-yan.

Chow and four others in the alliance’s standing committee will be charged with violating article 43 of national security law – failing to comply with the requirement to provide information during police investigation. They are Leung Kam-wai, Tang Ngok-kwan and Chan To-wai and Tsui Hon-kwong.

They will appear in West Kowloon magistrates’ courts tomorrow.

It is the first time for Hong Kong police to go after a group for subversion, an offense under the national security law which comes with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Her lawyer quoted Chow to have said: “Strangely I felt a sense of relief.”

“This subject is finally settled. A debate will come next. Should we hold anyone accountable for the massacre? Should one party rule end?” She told her lawyer.

It is better than accusing the alliance to be a foreign agent, she said.

Lee and Ho are currently behind bars, serving sentences over illegal protests.

Earlier today, Ho pleaded guilty to inciting people to join the June 4 vigil last year after it was banned by police.

During mitigation, Ho said the vigil is organized every year to protect the truth what happened on June 4 and prevent it from being distorted or forgotten.

“In the mainland, open discussion of June 4 has always been forbidden in the public arena. Therefore, the historical question of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about the 1989 Democracy Movement has been left in the shadow of silence, as if the whole nation is suffering from amnesia about June 4.

“On the other hand, in this small city of Hong Kong, we speak as the conscience for the whole nation, protect the truth of history and the dignity of the people,” he said.

Police arrested Chow, Leung, Tang and Chan yesterday. Tsui was arrested this morning in Lantau.

Sources said his 44-year-old domestic helper was also arrested for obstructing police from executing their duties. She blocked them from opening the door to Tsui’s residence when they attempted to arrest him on Wednesday.

Tsui on Tuesday filed a judicial review application to the High Court on his own personal capacity, asking the court to rule the police request for information as invalid. He also sought clarification from police that the alliance is not a foreign agent.

Officers also headed to the June 4th Museum for investigations, and was seen carrying away boards showing the June 4 vigil.

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