CUHK hospital to provide 24-hour service

The CUHK Medical Centre’s emergency department will be operating round the clock in the fourth quarter of the year.

The medical center in Sha Tin had an opening ceremony yesterday, after it was put into service on January 6.

Some new services will be provided in the fourth quarter, including 24-hour emergency services and maternal and child health centers.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said at the opening ceremony that the medical center is a digitalized smart hospital and utilizes innovative technologies – including using 5G for remote consultation and training – and shares the government’s goal of constructing a smart city.

“The CUHK Medical Centre will work with the Hospital Authority … easing the burden of the public healthcare system,” said Lam.

She added the government would fully cooperate if the medical center has plans on expansion in the future.

Fung Hong, CUHK Medical Center’s executive director and chief executive officer, said the medical center reached an agreement with Prince of Wales Hospital and will send doctors to some of the specialist outpatient clinics in the hospital.

He said some 17,700 new bookings and 6,600 day-care services could be handled within five years. Fung said if the pilot scheme works, it could be expanded to other hospitals.

Norman Leung Nai-pang, chairman of the university council, said as the first non-profit private teaching hospital wholly owned by the university, the medical center introduces the latest technologies and systems.

He said if the operations run smoothly, they could be reproduced in other hospitals, which would benefit both public and private hospitals.

Spanning about 100,000 square meters, the 14-story medical center has 516 inpatient beds and 90 day beds, 28 operating rooms and 56 consultation rooms – all to be introduced by 2022.

In enhancing price transparency, the medical center has listed a fixed package fee for around 120 surgery procedures, which covers costs such as doctor’s fees and room charges.

The medical center is also one of the community vaccination centers providing BioNTech vaccines. Fung said some 2,000 people are receiving the jabs every day.

The medical center had earlier applied to extend this operation, which has been granted by the government.

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