Actress Zhao Wei appears online 18 days after being blacklisted

Actress Zhao Wei has appeared online 18 days after she is blacklisted by mainland  authorities for unknown reasons.

She left a comment on director Li Mengqiao’s Weibo page, wishing her a happy birthday last night.

While Li’s birthday post was made on August 29, Zhao did not comment until last night.

Although Zhao only left a simple message of “Happy birthday”, over 2,000 comments were made underneath her post.

Many of her fans left messages saying “love you”, “miss you” and “it’s great to see you there”. Some even said that they couldn’t stop crying.

Zhao’s post shows her Weibo has not been frozen.

The actress was blacklisted by the Chinese government on August 26, when her entire internet presence was scrubbed for unknown reasons.

Most films and television series in which Zhao stars, including TV series My Fair Princess and Moment in Peking, have been removed from video platforms that carried all her movies and TV series.

Her name was also deleted from descriptions of productions in which she appears.

Li’s movie Bipolar has entered the 50th International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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