Article 23 legislation should complete in next LegCo term: Chris Tang

Secretary for Security Chris Tang Ping-keung said he hopes to finish legislation to enact Basic Law‘s Article 23 in the next legislative term starting next year.

Such enactment will tackle areas which have yet to be covered by the national security law, including treason, sedition and theft of state secrets. It will also ban local political bodies from establishing ties with their foreign counterparts.

In an interview with Chinese media, Tang said he will be pushing for Article 23’s enactment. With the current legislative term to end in October, Tang hopes to finish such legislation in the next term.

On the other hand, Tang said national security police have received an answer from the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund after it launched an investigation into the group.

The fund’s trustees and alliance directors were asked to provide details of their operations, including crowdfunding, bank transfers, information of donors and where the donations went.

Tang did not spell what was written in the reply.

Named after a day of clashes between police and protesters on June 12, 2019, the fund was established to provide legal and emergency financial assistance to those who were injured or arrested during the anti-fugitive bill protests. It will cease operation this October.

Asked if donors to the fund will be prosecuted, Tang said anyone who donates to a group knowing it is involved in illegal activities could face legal consequences.

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