Unhappy Macau voters stamp “no” on ballots

Some Macau voters stamped the word “no” or wrote swear words on their ballots to vent their frustration over the election of lawmakers yesterday.

Macau held the election for the 7th Macao Legislative Assembly yesterday. The voter turnout was 42.38 percent, the lowest since Macao’s handover, and 14.8 percent lower than the previous one in 2017.

Of the 137,279 votes cast for, 3,141 were blank votes and 2,082 were invalid.

Kuok Kin-hong, chairman of the General Accounting Committee, explained to the public today the reasons why the votes were regarded as invalid.

One voter used the tick mark seal to stamp the word “no” in Chinese. Others wrote swear words including f**k, and put down “garbage” and “ugly.”

Others selected multiple candidates, or stamped the tick outside the square.

Some of the votes were seen to have selected multiple groups, or the tick stamped outside the square.

The elections were held after the gambling hub’s Electoral Affairs Commission disqualified 21 opposition candidates on July 9 after it “proved they did not uphold Macau’s Basic Law and were not loyal to Macau.”

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