Greater Bay Airlines reveals flight attendants’ uniform

The Greater Bay Airlines, a local airline in the making, has revealed its flight attendants’ uniforms.

The airline released photos of the new uniform in turquoise onto its website, although it is awaiting authorities’ approval to launch new routes.

The three sets of uniforms are turquoise-toned and all three are matched with a blue bow tie scarf.

The new uniforms have attracted much attention, with some netizens said they were decent and the turquoise color looks elegant. However, some still manage to make fun of it.

Netizens weren’t hesitating, with some saying the flight attendant wearing the one-piece dress looks like a nurse from the clinics.

Some even said they look like managers from fast-food chains.

The airline also released a set of photos showing the flight attendants undergoing training altogether inside a classroom, where netizens did not hold back to carry on the teasing.

“Why are they – almost twenty of them – not wearing their masks and were gathering inside such a small classroom? This is against Hong Kong’s gathering restrictions!” one wrote on an online forum.

The airline’s director Stanley Hui Hon-chung earlier said he hopes all necessary paperwork can be completed by the third quarter of this year and for the three airplanes to commence service before the end of 2021.

However, reports suggested that the airline will not be taking off before late December this year until the Air Transport Licensing Authority approved its application.

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