Proposals to restructure govt not related to re-election campaign: Carrie Lam

Proposals to restructure the government is not related to her possible Chief Executive re-election campaign, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said.

Speaking before the Executive Council meeting, Lam said the restructuring suggestions will be discussed in the next Legislative Council term and decided by the cabinet in the next government term from July.

“If the next government doesn’t like my proposal, then the next government can think of another proposal. This has nothing to do with whether I intend to run in the CE election,” she said.

The government of previous terms have suggested restructure proposals as well, but it is extremely difficult to execute the proposals in three months after the next city’s leader is elected in late-March, Lam said.

She also said she will tailor a proposal in terms of how many bureaus and departments to be involved, bills to be amended and re-allocation of senior officials.

Lam said that the council has returned to reason and situations like filibuster do not take place frequently like they used to. Pushing the city’s development by restructuring the government is inevitable, she stressed.

In response to the historic low turnout in the Macao Legco election on Sunday, Lam said it is too early to predict the turnout for Hong Kong’s upcoming Legco election in December, as it is unclear who will run in the election.

She added she hopes to see citizens exercising their right to vote and their right to stand for election granted by the Basic Law.

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