Actress Zhao Wei photographed in home town after blacklisted for 20 days

Actress Zhao Wei has shown up in her home town of Wuhu city in Anhui province yesterday,  20 days after she was blacklisted by authorities.

The actress showed up on Tuesday at an office of China Mobile in Wuhu. Photos uploaded by those who ran into her showed Zhao dressed in casual wear.

She took a photo with the staff there after finishing her business, showing a cheerful face with little make-up.

This is the first time for her to be spotted in public after she was blacklisted by authorities for unknown reasons.

The actress was blacklisted on August 26, when her entire internet presence was scrubbed for unknown reasons.

Most films and television series in which Zhao stars, including TV series My Fair Princess and Moment in Peking, have been removed from video platforms that carried all her movies and TV series.

Her name was also deleted from descriptions of productions in which she appears.

It was rumored that she was involved in rapper Wu Yifan’s case who was arrested for rape.

There was also rumors that Zhao took a private jet to flee to her French winery. But her appearance yesterday helped dismiss the rumor.

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