Journalists Association should reveal foreign donations: security chief

Hong Kong Journalists Association should reveal whether it has received any foreign donations, Secretary for Security Chris Tang Ping-keung said.

It comes a day after Tang said in a media interview that the association “infiltrates” schools to attract student journalists. Association chairman Ronson Chan Long-sing called the accusation “ridiculous.”

Speaking at the sideline of Legislative Council meeting, Tang “encouraged” the association to reveal more information if it feels wronged by him.

It should reveal whether it has received any donations from foreign organizations, Tang said.

“It is not wrong for an association to engage with students. But did it spread any political views?” He challenged.

He asked the association to come clear about its student membership. He also said the association should reveal which media companies their members come from, as he questioned how representative the association is for the media industry.

Tang said the association usually makes statements to defend reporters of the now-defunct Apple Daily and pro-democracy online media Stand News, but did not speak up about Oriental Daily.

Next Digital founder Jimmy Lai Chee-ying had used foul language when confronting a reporter from Oriental Daily back in 2017. He was found not guilty of criminal intimidation in a court last year.

In response, the association said it has 486 members as of today, including 331 full members, 34 public relations members and 56 student numbers. Another 43 people are retired or permanent members.

But the association said it cannot reveal where its members work as it involves personal privacy.

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